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Executive Coaching

Your coach will build a collaborative partnership with you, working to unlock your full potential and maximising your personal and professional performance.

As part of this ‘peer-to-peer’ relationship, your skilled executive coach will guide you with powerful and insightful questions, and call upon observations and reflections, in an environment that is confidential and conducive to exploring what is important to you and necessary for your development. Your coach will explore new perspectives and alternative options with you, challenge your thinking and support your decision making. The coaching process focuses on providing a safe environment in which you can explore ideas and strategies, developing rather than teaching, using an ‘ask-not-tell’ approach that continually maintains a focus on your agenda and what is most important to you.

To help distinguish between mentoring and coaching we would say that ‘a mentor has insightful answers for your questions whereas a coach has insightful questions for your answers’.

You will find our Coaching programme thought-provoking and creative. It will inspire and motivate you, and provide you with the tools to help fulfil your personal and professional potential.

Please call or email us to find out how we can help you, or arrange a free trial session to see if Coaching is for you.


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