Elephant Baby Shower Games 2020


Elephant Baby Shower Games 2020

Just last weekend, I threw the MOST perfect elephant theme baby shower for my BFF! Modesty aside, the whole event was a freakin’ success! We started off with our adorable elephant baby shower invitations of course, had a TON of great elephant baby shower food (and an outrageous elephant baby shower cake from one of my elephant baby shower centerpieces article I posted a while back), the cutest elephant baby shower decorations you could imagine, and most of all … the most FUN elephant baby shower games for the party! Let me share with you these games we played, which I’m sure you’d love to try out on your own baby shower. Ladies, it’s nothing but a BLAST! You can never go wrong with these games that will surely be a major hit with your guests.

Elephant Baby Shower Games to Explore

Explore some really exciting and special elephant baby shower ideas you won’t ever forget. These games make it even more fun, so don’t miss out the excitement by adding these games in to your program. You won’t regret it for sure!

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