Dr. Cadili on his trip with surgical team to Burkina Faso – Laparoscopic surgery from Ali Cadili on Vimeo.


Dr. Cadili Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Ali Cadili discusses his trip to Burkina Faso with his surgical team. Throughout Dr. Cadili’s presentation, you will learn about his experience doing laparoscopic surgery on patients. Throughout this video, Dr. Cadili shares details of the difficulty working on a patient who had previous gallbladder surgery and how he was able to achieve great results with the patient.

Team Dr. Cadili

Dr. Cadili’s team includes nurses, an anesthetist, and a surgical assistant. He explains the different types of diseases and patient needs and how they managed to do surgeries without optical equipment and conditions and doing them safely.

Dr. Ali Cadili Discusses

Dr. Cadili discusses the day to day life in Burkina Faso and their experience including different food, accommodations, down to their host hand-washing their laundry (scrubs) each day.

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