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Instagram Vs Reality – What’s the Difference?

Markus Romischer has created a new series called ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ in which the camera follows people as they explore Instagram-worthy destinations. The show has inspired people to do all sorts of creative things, from photo-shopping their Instagram photos to creating their own reality television shows. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular examples of these two types of content. If you want to see how Instagram affects people’s lives, watch the videos below!

Emily Clarkson’s Instagram posts

A recent video of the actress and presenter Emily Clarkson reveals how much of her “fake” images were created with photo editing apps and filters. While she aims to make her Instagram posts realistic, the reality behind the pictures isn’t always the same. This video demonstrates just how much the ‘fake’ Instagram filters and poses can alter the way we view our bodies.

Markus Romischer’s Instagram vs reality series

If you’ve ever watched a travel film, you’ve probably wondered whether the content is better for real life or Instagram. The German travel filmmaker Markus Romischer has posted more than a dozen videos on his TikTok page, showcasing his experiences at Instagrammable destinations. He also shares his own tips and tricks for traveling, so you can experience some of these sights for yourself.

Instagram vs reality

Johanna’s photoshopped

Earlier this year, Johanna Olsson went viral for posting a series of photos with herself in Paris. The photos were so realistic that many questioned whether Johanna had ‘photoshopped’ herself. She claimed she had been to France but could not delete them because of her paid partnerships. However, Johanna has since admitted to editing the images. Below is a breakdown of how her pictures have been retouched.

St. Peter’s Square

When it comes to the beauty of the Vatican, the difference between the pictures you see on Instagram and the reality you see in person is striking. For starters, you’ll notice a huge difference between the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica and the one you actually see. That’s because the square was designed to accommodate large crowds of parishioners, not just a few tourists. It’s also where large masses are held. Historically, the basilica can only hold about a thousand people, but Saint Peter’s Square has been known to host over 250 000 people.

Hakone Shrine

In an age of social media, a photo can make or break a trip, and the Hakone Shrine on Instagram is no exception. The shrine is located at the base of Mount Hakone, near Lake Ashi, and is accessible via bus, stair climb, or a hike. The shrine has simple symmetry and a nine-headed dragon fountain that symbolizes the beast that once lived at the bottom of Lake Ashi. Aside from the shrine itself, there are also hiking trails and bicycle rentals available.

‘Paris’ filter on Instagram

If you use the ‘Paris’ filter on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a pink tint on your pictures. This filter was designed to enhance the overall smoothness and color of your pictures and give them a luxurious look. It is available on the iPhone since its release, but now it’s coming to Android. While iPhone users have had the filter for some time, Instagram users have only recently been able to use it on their Android devices.

Meijer’s Instagram post

Rianne Meijer is a Dutch social media influencer, and her latest IG post gives her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her photos. The Amsterdam-based vlogger shares side-by-side photos of herself, her friends and her family. Taking a photo can be a difficult process, and Meijer says she tries hundreds of photos before getting the perfect shot.

Instagram vs. Reality explained

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