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Dance of the Love Caterpillars, David Charles Brower’s new romance book, is for Romantics of all ages that have been searching for love, abundance, sensorial experiences, and personal/spiritual growth to enjoy life to its fullest.


Deciding we will share what we can, in the time at hand, without some visionary butterfly plan.

Dance of the Love Caterpillars is a romantic tale of two Monarch Butterflies that serendipitously meet and fall in love. While sharing a love flower for lunch, they journey through and experience vulnerability, hope, and comfort that emerge from their relationship.

Savoring the ephemeral present moment and trusting life, as their daring transformation fast approaches, they decide and learn how to make the most out of their time together.

A timeless short love story for romantics of all ages!

“In his winsome allegory about two caterpillars from opposite sides of the river, David Charles Brower measures the fleeting beauty of life against the enduring power of romantic love. Between the lyrical lines and rhymes of this feel-good fairytale about lovestruck larvae is a deeply personal, courageous and inspiring work. By the the conclusion of the lovers’ poem duet, I felt all the magic of a warm hug. David the romantic has an extraordinary gift to share, as you now do, with “Dance of the Love Caterpillars” Daniel Young (Young And Foodish)

Be Transformed with Love!

“A beautiful and romantic illustrated poem that celebrates love, persistence, and experiencing all the beauty the world has to offer. It tells the tale of two caterpillars who must struggle against all odds to meet one another and be transformed by love into the beautiful butterflies they are meant to be. Read with the one you love or be inspired to find a new love with this magical, inspiring allegorical poem/tale.” D. Kent

A book full of love and a beautiful reminder for us all. This will light up your book shelf and keep you coming back. James Williams




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