County Chiropractic Plymouth reviews Chiropractor in Plymouth

County Chiropractic Plymouth reviews Chiropractor in Plymouth

Check the 5-star County Chiropractic Plymouth reviews when you are looking for a chiropractor in Plymouth: https://www.countychiropracticplymout…

County Chiropractic Plymouth Ltd.
Unit 21, Scott BusinessPark, Beacon Park Rd, Plymouth PL2 2PQ, United Kingdom
+44 1752292800

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Chiropractor: Brian Quinn
Osteopath: Adam Robertson
Massage & Beauty therapist: Maria Tennyson

5 Star Reviews Chiropractor in Plymouth

County Chiropractic Plymouth is has been delivering quality chiropractic and massage since 2003 and it is our mission to get your body the best it can be. Of course as quickly and as painlessly possible. Starting with a free initial consult.

But we understand that when you are looking for a Plymouth chiropractor, you want to be sure you choose for a chiropractic clinic with a good reputation.

Each day we strive to give you the best possible treatment, but in the end the only thing that matters is what our patients have to say.

Therefore we are very proud when our patients reward us with a 5-star review like Andy did:

“I’ve had a painful shoulder on and off over the years and went to see Brian on recommendation from my father. Whereas a doctor would prescribe painkillers or put you on a long list for physio, Brian knew exactly where to start and how to remedy the situation. Also gave advice on how to help the problem myself. Friendly and welcoming and always up for a laugh!”

Besides Andy many other patients were so kind to leave us a review.

County Chiropractic Plymouth

It’s always useful to read reviews from others, not only to be sure of the quality of a chiropractic clinic, but also to find out if others had the same questions as you have.

Maybe some even had exactly the same issues, so you can read if and how chiropractic adjustments can give you a long-term relieve.

And even if your question isn’t answered you could also give us a call. Don’t forget we also offer a free initial consult,

So, if you suffer from constant body pain and this pain stops you from doing the things you love then we would love to help you!

You don’t have to live with back pain, neck pain or lack of sleep. We’ve helped hundred of patients just like you!

Stop with masking the problem with medication. Get the long-term relief you deserve.

Make an appointment today! Call: 01752 292800

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