Contakt World – the new best Canadian Stock Investment – CSE: HELP. Jorge Olson interviews Justin Beck, CEO

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Contakt World – A Canadian Stock Investment CSE: HELP. This video is great for investors as well as for business motivation 

Contakt World is stopping the next epidemic with healthcare software. Invest in the Canadian Stock Exchange under ticker symbol HELP. 

In this video, Justin Beck explains to Jorge Olson how Contakt World is ready to stop the next outbreak and spread of disease and the next pandemic with their software platform. Learn more about this Canadian Stock Investment here   

This Canadian SaaS healthcare software company is publicly traded in the Canadian Stock Exchange CSE under ticker symbol HELP​.  

Justin, your project is very special to me as it will be very special to everybody else once they find out what you do and what your mission in life is, what your mission is for your next company, which I call a social entrepreneurship because you’re a social entrepreneur, you’re doing things that we all want to do. You’re doing things that can change the world. Tell us a little bit about your business motivation and how your company is stopping the next pandemic. 

In March of last year, I was at home frustrated with the way that public health agencies for some reason did not have the resources to stop a pandemic and outbreak. And I just thought it was insane that while we could buy anything from our phone at any given time, for some reason, our health agencies didn’t have sufficient technology to find, track, and trace disease. 

What happened with COVID-19 is that it put such a stress on our under resourced health agencies and it put such a stress on our economic environment, that we’re in the situation that we’re in today.  

Canadian Investment Contakt World CSE: HELP – A SaaS in healthcare software 

I think that we would be stupid if we didn’t take a real hard look at the way that we got here, which is a lack of infrastructure to stop the spread of contagious disease and epidemic. We don’t have the right systems inside of public health, we don’t have the right systems inside of health care providers and we don’t have the right systems inside of employers.  

What I did is I developed intellectual property in March of 2020, surrounding the use of phones and computers to find in trades disease. Since then, we’ve built a world-class team to build a technology, a software platform to do just that. So that’s what we’ve built with Contakt World, a software platform to stop the next epidemic using vaccine passports. 

Now switching gears, I want to talk a little bit about being an entrepreneur and being a publicly-traded company. So, you are a publicly-traded company. Tell us about that.  

Yes. Contakt World is public on the Canadian Securities Exchange under ticker H. E. L. P. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, I think since I was probably five years old, I say that because I remember I used to be the kid that would sell lemonade to everybody, or I ran the school store at my elementary school. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and you know, being a founder of a now public company, it’s exciting. You know, it’s what a lot of people might dream of. It’s certainly not simple though. I don’t want to pretend that life is easy because it’s not, you know, there’s just another level of things that you need to manage and deal with as a public company.   

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