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Teaching your children the value of hard work at an early age is incredibly important in their development into responsible adults and contributing members of society. But how do you teach a small child that there are rewards for doing their work? That’s where chore cards come in. The system is very simple: you provide tasks for your child to perform and when they complete that task, they receive a reward. Neatlings has created an award winning chore card/chore chart system that’s available for purchase that can be used for up to three children.

NEATLINGS has developed the best multiple child chore system out there! Seriously – it is better than the rest as it truly helps to motivate your kids in a healthy and positive way. Your kids will be happy and helping – you will be amazed!

chore chart
child using chore chart
NEATLINGS Chore Chart is versatile; it grows and changes with your family. This modular chore chart system is designed to work for families with multiple kids but will also work just as well for single child families.

It can be set up differently for each child and yet work coherently for the whole family. You can start out with simple chores that you want to encourage your kids to do and then slowly add them to the personal or household responsibility chores. There are many different ways to set up NEATLINGS Chore Chart. Learn more to decide which way will work best for your family.

It’s a better system! Here’s why…

Top 3 reasons:

  1. 76 unique chores. Includes both self-care and household chores
  2. Works for readers and beginning readers
  3. Versatile multiple child chore chart

There are so more reasons:

  • Fits ANY size family
  • It is a multiple child chore chart system (will also work for 1 child families)
  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • Configurable in a multitude of ways
  • Parents set what chores are expected and which are rewarded
  • Set specific and consistent expectations
  • Grows and changes with your family
  • Lightweight and hangs easily
  • Encourages kids to be responsible
  • Teaches kids household tasks
  • Stops the struggle over chores
  • Stops the struggle over screen time
  • Teaches money concepts
  • Gives parents a plan to teach kids household tasks, instill responsibility and balance work and play
  • Gives kids a plan to work for what they want by giving parents what they want

NEATLINGS Chore Chart is a WIN/WIN system for both parents and children! Families love it!

Chore chart

Parents love it because kids are motivated to get chores done, parents select which chores their child can choose from and determine which chores they can earn tickets for.
Kids love it because they feel empowered by having more control over their chores, time, and rewards.
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