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Car Dealer Marketing Strategies

Car Dealer Marketing Ideas By Autohitch: What if you could increase your traffic dramatically without paying third parties or advertisers more and more money? There is a way, an easy way, and it’s called Content Creation.

Car Dealer Marketing Agencies

Right now you are paying websites like or Cargurus for access to their traffic, traffic they are generating in large part by simply providing car buyers relevant information, information that you possess through years and years of actually selling cars. The problem is that you find sharing this information far too time-consuming for what you perceive to be a very low rate of return when it comes to actually seeing the car buyers walk in the door.

Car Dealer Marketing Plan

In this video I am going to try to share how I believe I have discovered that any traffic, yes even the traffic that never buys a car from you, will actually bring in more car buyers in the end and push your site well over that of your competitors. What’s the best part? No added services! No added fees! No Splitting commissions with any third parties! You can do this all with what you know and who you have on staff today.

So let’s get rolling…. Please like, share, and comment below. Especially comment any questions you might have or suggestions for future videos, podcasts, or blog posts. We would love to hear ideas from the people who are actually out there selling the cars! This is a video written and produced by for consumption by the general public. You are free to share this video or any information within with ATTRIBUTION (Meaning- Please just give us credit).

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