Can you get rid of diabetes 2?

For many, being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is seen as a life sentence marked by eating restrictions, medications and their side effects as well as a long list of potential not so nice health complications down the road.

This condition is one that could impact every part of your body and can lead to serious health issues including stroke, heart disease, possible blindness, the amputation of limbs, ED (erectile dysfunction) and kidney disease.
We have seen the rate of Type 2 Diabetes climbing steadily and at an alarming rate for some time. In fact according to a CDC Report in 2008, the incidence of adult onset diabetes has increased by 90% over the past decade (read 1998 to 2008) in the US alone!

Until recently, the mainstream experts have focused only on treating the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, namely blood sugar levels by monitoring and treating these levels. One study, however found that highly controlling sugar levels raised the incidences of morbidity and death.

This points to the need to look for and treat the root cause of this disease rather than on alleviating the various symptoms.

Almost all medications lead to an increased appetite, which in many cases lead to weight gain, which in turn can exacerbate the disease and often results in more medications, and the seemingly never ending medication cycle begins.

Fortunately, some medical practitioners are paying attention to the studies showing that lifestyle changes, including the foods we eat, exercise, stress reduction have in some cases reversed type 2 diabetes, with improvements often noticed in as little as a week or two. So, contrary to what we were led to believe, yes, you can get rid of type 2 diabetes.

There is still however, some debate about the type of diet that would have the most profound impact including ketogenic diet, versus a low fat diet, versus fasting. See more here

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