There are so many SEO strategies and tips for what works and what does not work when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. People often listen to influencers such as Matt and while advice is good it is also important to do your own testing and see if the information you are given lines up with what is actually happening in the real world.

It is important to remember that robots and programs often respond differently than what in theory is supposed to happen and it could be based on the smallest detail. Also Google adjusts and updates their algorithm based on if they are getting the search results they want to have as they look at the sites that are being returned on page one for various key phrases.

Google will only continue to be used as the premier search engine if people can actually find what they are looking for. Paying attention to who is ranking first and why they have those rankings through detailed analysis is an important step to knowing how you can improve your rankings for that phrase but if there is another phrase that gets more traffic or a longer tail phrase that is lower competition that also gets a lot of searches monthly then you can adjust your strategy to effectively grow your business.

Anchor text diversity is another important aspect that people sometimes overlook. Sites that build too many backlinks from other sites with the exact same anchors, even if they are legitimate sites, can cause your rankings to plummet.

Also focusing on building strong links from good quality powerful sites related to your niche as opposed to mass link building from low quality sites is key. Gone are the days of ranking just because you have more links than your competition.

There are many other steps to take to make sure you have a long term ranking strategy. We interviewed many SEO companies and experts for their approach to SEO when writing this article and also asked what they thought about this video and the myths floating around the SEO world and one common theme emerged. Staying steady and constant with building quality sites and linking from quality sites is the way to go. Anything that can get you a quick boost in the immediate but could have repercussions in the future as google adjusts their algorithm is not worth it for the long haul.

One company that really stood out with their unique long term approach that took a very comprehensive approach to ranking their clients and was achieving excellent results even in high competition niches was a company based out of Charleston SC called Further Design Group. You can learn more about their SEO and we should mention that they also do amazing web design by visiting

If you are looking for a quality SEO in your area try searching SEO followed by your city. Also make sure to ask any SEO you are considering hiring to show you other sites they have ranked.

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