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The best replacement windows experts in Milwaukee tell us how to install a pocket replacement window on homes that have vinyl, aluminum or wood lap siding, or a brick exterior.

Regardless of what kind of window you’re replacing, if you haven’t watchedthe removal part of this series, be sure to do that first. And if you want a professional to install window, just call Homesealed Exteriors.

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Now as I mentioned in the last video, different brand windows install differently, so be sure to refer to manufacturer’s instructions. Now on your window frame if you have window weights, you may be able to fill the weight pockets with loose fill insulation. Clean up any debris or old paint from the opening, and add flashing tape as required by the manufacturer. Next you wanna check the holes on the new window and make sure they line upwith good existing wood on the frame. If not you may have to remove any bad wood and replace it with solid woodfiller. To prep the window, first remove the packaging material then install the silladapter in the sill accessory groove.  Before you install the window, it’s agood idea to do a test fit. With the window closed, set the bottom in place and tilt the topinto position.  Make sure the window is against the blind stops,and that the sill adapter is on the original sill.  Next drill two weep holes in the sill adapter following a manufacturer’s directions. Ours are quarter inch holes about an inch from the endswith the bottom lined up with the bottom of the sill adapter’s vertical leg. Remove the window from the frame and apply a bead of sealant. Along the blind stops, head and sill.  Put the window back in place bottom first, then the top, making sure it’s against the blind stopsand that the sill adapter is on the sill.  To secure the window, insert a shimnear the top of one jamlined up with the hole in the frame.  Drill a pilot holeand drive a screw about halfway in. Repeat this on the other jam.

Next, check that the window is plumb and square by measuring the diagonals.

They should be equal.  To adjust, insert shimsat the screw holes as needed.  Then drill pilot holes,and secure with screws. Then drive the first two screws all the way in,and cut off the shims.  Tshe next stepis outside.  Apply a bead of sealant where the new framemeets the old frame, all the way around.  Also apply sealantalong the sill adapter and original sill.  But don’t cover up the weep holes. To seal the inside take some insulating foam that’s recommended by the manufacturer and following their instructions, apply between the windowand the existing frame about an inch deep.  Let the foam expand and cure. Once its cured, check that the window opens and closes properly. Finish things up by re-installing the interior sash stopsor new trim. A pocket replacement window is a great practical solution for repairin gold worn out windows with a lot less hassle.

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All of this job can be easy done by professionals, and honestly if you want to have good windows, call the Homesealed. Watch this video to get more information about this the greatest window replacement firm in Milwaukee, WI.

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