best oil based Pomade: original Pomade by King Brown Pomade

Best Oil Based Pomade: Original Pomade by King Brown Pomade

Inspired by the classic pomades of the 1920’s-50’s, KB ORIGINAL is a true traditional pomade in every sense. Oil and wax based, masculine scented and timeless in style. Shop now:

A true medium hold, medium sheen product this hair pomade was specifically formulated for that timeless look and feel.

▪️ Added mineral oil for hair and scalp conditioning
▪️ Sweat and water resistant
▪️ Restyle anytime with ease
▪️ Great for those not wanting to reapply product regularly

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** This is the 1st in our series of basic product tutorials on the KING BROWN grooming range, featuring KB’s traditional oil/wax based ORIGINAL pomade.

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