You will love taking a boat tour of Charleston Harbor. Charleston is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the country let alone the South. Seeing it from the water as dolphins swim by and the cool ocean breeze blows against your face is an experience that you have to have for yourself. We could tell you all about it but nothing beats a day out on the water enjoying everything Charleston has to offer.

Charleston is a very historic place and a lot of the sites and history is on the water. Its one thing taking a land tour and looking out on the harbor and pointing things out but, its another to have your own friends and family on board actually heading out to those sites while enjoying our waterways and looking at Charleston from a different perspective.

Our harbor tour takes you up close to all of the forts in the harbor including Fort Sumner and Fort Moultrie heading out of the harbor. There is so much to see but everyone especially loves the Dolphins. We have so many dolphins in the harbor. They are fun and playful and will usually come up to or close to the boat and hang out for a while but you have to watch for them. We also get sea turtles, manatees, sunfish, seagulls and pelicans.

You have free rain of the boat when on board and we have full facilities for your comfort including a full size fridge and bathroom. We have AC on board for the really hot days. Not much breeze is blowing downtown in the summer months and we find it much better to be out on the water with a breeze having a glass of wine or beer while taking in the sites. No walking around sweeting wondering when the march will be over. We have completely updated the boat so you can sit back relax and take in the sites in style.

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