If you are looking for the best bed and breakfast in Brisbane, try the Paperbark B&B. The Paperbark Bed and Breakfast has magnificent views over Brisbane from Mount Cootha 24/7. At night its simply breath taking as you gaze at Brisbane’s fairyland of lights.

The accommodation is second to none. Your room has its own entrance which makes for a home away from home feeling. All rooms are airconditioned equipped with flat screen TV’s all linked to satellite channels.

Check out the video link above to get a good understanding of the establishment. There is plenty of seating to kick back after a busy day of exploring. The rooms all have a private en-suite and are all self-catering with a kitchenette. There is also top-class swimming pool area for your enjoyment. (see video) There is also an awesome outdoor gym facility that is only 2 minutes’ walk from your base.

The location of Paperbark Bed and Breakfast Brisbane is more than convenient. For a start you are only 30 minutes from Brisbane Airport, and 25 minutes to the centre of Brisbane. Another great reason to stay if you are from overseas or even coming from within Australia is that you are 10-minute drive from Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  You are also walking distance to public transport and 5 minutes from the local shopping centre. Finally, you are around 7km from Sky Needle and the University of Queensland.

If you are thinking of getting married in Brisbane there is an excellent wedding venue called Bundaleer Wedding Venue in Brookfield. This is closely situated near the Paperbark Bed and Breakfast in Brisbane. You can easily do a group booking stay a Paperbark B&B and be super close to your wedding venue.

The thing is about the Paperbark Bed and Breakfast you would never know how close to the city you are as you are only 5 minutes’ walk from Mount Cootha.

Saying this Mount Cootha is famous in Brisbane or Australia for that matter. The reason being there is amazing mountain bike trails from the top of the mountain down that have built in berms and other mountain bike features. So, if you are a mountain bike enthusiast you have try out MT Cootha. MT Cootha Brisbane is also famous for the forest or bush in general. This means picnics, bush walking and other outdoor activities. If you are coming from overseas then MT Cootha is a great way to see Brisbane’s natural bush and wildlife. The landscape is primarily untouched and will give you a great insight into the Aussie bush.

The location itself is in Chapel Hill and if you don’t know that is extremely close to Suncorp Stadium. If you are a Rugby League fan like myself, you could book a group holiday and watch the state of origin sometime soon.

Paperbark Bed and Breakfast Brisbane really should be on the radar when looking for awesome bed and break accommodation in Brisbane.

Call Belinda now on 0400 204 483 or overseas +61 400 204 483

Or click here to go to the website https://www.paperbarkbnb.com/

I again advise you to watch the video and you can click on the link  in the description to teleport to the website.


Visit Paperbark Bed and Breakfast today.


Blog written by Stephen Amos


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