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Below I’m pasting the 1978 words article I generated in five minutes using the Article Monster because this very article is one of my PBN posts, so you can see exactly how I do it.

Article Writer Software

Hi, this is Luke from My IM Place and today I’m going to do a little demo and review of Article Monster which is a computer-generated article creator and transcription software. Not only does it create unique articles but you can also transcribe a video automatically. I’m here at the main screen. It says welcome to start over here at the new article but before I do that I’ll just cover the menu items you see here in the left sidebar. It has a screen for generating a new article and here you are prompted to give a primary keyword and optional secondary keywords over on the left. The second item is my articles. Here we see a listing of articles I’ve generated on various topics the data created them. Here we see in red the primary keyword term and the optional secondary keywords I may have used to help it generate the kind of Content that I want a little more precisely. It shows the quality of the article. The highest quality they call money site filter. There’s an option to clone that and generate yet another article on the same terms but you’ll end up with the unique one. I can delete it or I can download it as a text file. Here’s a listing of the articles I’ve created. The next item in the menu over on the left is WordPress blogs. You can use free blogs or you can also publish to self-hosted WordPress sites as well. Here’s where you would add a new WordPress blog. You can actually import a spreadsheet that would have the blog URL your username password and that to quickly load up a large number of blogs. I’ve got two of them set up on for automatic publishing. The next item on the left is the post scheduler. You would have to add a schedule and it would allow you to select a list of the keywords that you want to create posts on and then select the blog’s that it gets published to, and how often you want to do it. You can also specify more of the details of the kind of article it would create. You can schedule it to post every day or several times a week or once a month to your WordPress sites. The last item over on the left is API information and this would only really be used by script writing geeks who would want to come up with their own scripts to generate an article on keywords of their choice and then publish it in the way that they want to. It also can be used by other things.

Unique Content For SEO

unique content SEO

I don’t know who has an affiliation with Article Monster but imagine GSA search engine ranker or FCS networker or some of the spinning sights could all tap into Article Monster and say will fetch me an article first then spin it then publish it using API calls and commands. So those are the basic menu items on the sidebar. Let’s go to creating a new article where you’re prompted for a primary keyword and here what I’m going to do for this particular one is I’m going to do SEO link building as my primary keyword I could add additional keywords if I wanted to try to tailor the content but we’ll leave it at that. Keep it as simple as possible you there’s a slider here to set the quality here they have tier two tier 1 money site filler I personally when I publish on the Internet I want clean readable as a possible copy.


I don’t want mish-mosh stuff. I know there are guys out there particularly for tier 2 link building where you don’t expect anyone to see you’re doing it strictly for SEO purposes. That may be ok but personally, I always want even if its computer-generated the best content possible that I can edit to make even better for high readability. So I’m gonna leave it set at the most readable as a default setting on you can customize how it gets written could do the number of sentence variation so here we’re doing spinning it can potentially spin entire multiple sentences that would be nested spinning the number of paragraph variations you can shuffle paragraphs although depending on the content I don’t like shuffling because it can the order sequence of stuff can be kind of random and that makes sense so I’m going to just leave those at the default setting. Here, it asks you about the length of the article. You can do a short to a very long one from 200 up to 750 words I tend to choose long 750 words. Honestly some of itI’mm not going to want to use it all. The longer the article is, the more I can prune and throw out remove sentences I don’t like or don’t want and still end up with a fairly good-sized article. I tend to set article lengths to medium or long add titles are headings and when turned on it will automatically generate a title for the blog post. Each paragraph will have its own heading created based on keyword. The titles and headings are a little strange. they’re kind of click-bait style. So, our main topic here is SEO link building and so the kind of a title that they might write as you know before you do SEO link building consider this. Real click-bait style. If you try out Article Monster – you’ll see they create headlines designed to grab attention. That’s okay you can always edit them to exactly what you wanted to be. It has the ability to add an image and the probability is set to 0 so if you generate an article it will not include any pictures. I like to set it to 100% and that means that every article will have some image included in it although you especially if you’re publishing automatically to multiple blogs and high-volume you might want to have some have an image but some not to really give it a natural footprint. I’m gonna set it to a hundred to make sure it includes images you have the same ability to add a YouTube video and adjust the probability of that all set it to 51-percent just for this demo. Article Monster has the ability to replace keywords with links – and that can be really handy on basically if you were to turn this on it would prompt you to on entering of replacement when it encounters a given keyword to replace it with a link. You can set up a list of keywords to trigger it and lists of links that would be a hard-coded at the time that this gets published or and written randomly. That can be really good for varying your anchor text and not just linking to your main site but to have a list of deep links to the site so it could randomly target on getting links built to your entire site or sites and not just to a single URL. I’m going to turn that off for the time being.

best article generator software

Generate article uniqueness: I’m going to turn that on. I’ve already set up mine. It uses a CopyScape account so if you have a paid Copyscape account this guarantees article uniqueness. After Article Monster generates the article, they pass it through Copyscape and verify that it is a 100-percent unique article. I want that in my article, I do not want a duplicate content.


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