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Bathtub, Tile & Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY  can give that room a new look at a price you can afford. But beware all materials are not the same. The do it yourself kit is not the same materials as the professionals. So the diy Bathtub Reglazing kits will never produce the as the same results, as the Professional stuff will. As we use materials that are not available to the general public due to environmental s. Which means you need to be trained to use or buy it. 

No Epoxy is not the same as 2 part Urethane. As Epoxy just breaks up in large sheets so is not good for longevity. Where Urethane still leaves a nice shine and is more durable and stronger material. You see Depending on the material that your bathtub is made of, you might have the option to refinish it rather than replace it. Bathtub resurfacing Buffalo NY

Refinishing a bathtub can take 4 hours. Countertops in a day and a half. Tiles in the same day. Very cost effective plus more Green Friendly as it saves the landfills. We cover all of WNY. Best of all it will save on your pocketbook. As it can be done for around 75% cheaper then having it professionally replaced.



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