for more info or watch here: Most local buѕіnеѕѕ оwnеrѕ know on some level that online reviews are a good thing for their business, but don’t seem to grasp just how important they are. Most of us are now relying on our cell phones, tablets and computers when looking for a local business, […]

Read More → watch here get more info here Whеn searching оnlіnе for local businesses, 97% of customers are influenced by the reviews they see and read online, including Google Reviews. This brings home the importance of online reviews for all local businesses when it comes to getting new customers and therefore more sales. The […]

Read More → more info here: What is the best way to get new customers for local businesses? Rеfеrrаlѕ and recommendations. Often though the best recommendations come from complete strangers in the form of reviews. Amazon has trained us to consider reviews to tell if a product is worthwhile. But this also applies to services businesses […]

Read More → Olive oil is a food substance that humans have been consuming for thousands of years, both for its distinctive and enticing flavor, as well as for its numerous health benefits. While some may disagree about the consumption of fats in the diet, it is well known that fat is one of the three macro […]

Read More → For many, being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is seen as a life sentence marked by eating restrictions, medications and their side effects as well as a long list of potential not so nice health complications down the road. This condition is one that could impact every part of your body and can lead […]

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