Living with anxiety is often a daily struggle long-term chronic anxiety can lead to many other health issues while many doctors prescribe medication for anxiety eating a healthy and well-balanced diet may help naturally control anxiety symptoms anxiety treatments without medication may include exercise Whole Foods and essential oils try these 9 anxiety […]

Read More → Vitamin E rich foods vitamin E a fat soluble vitamin is one of the most essential vitamins for our body it is very beneficial for your skin hair and health it protects you from heart disease cancer and age-related eye damage it acts as an antioxidant that protects your cells against oxidative damage keeps […]

Read More → Information on vitamin C and the benefits of maybe taking a supplement the daily recommended amount of vitamin C is really only 75 to 90 milligrams as typically your body only really utilizes about 80 milligrams at a time our bodies don’t store vitamin C so it’s very important to continually consume this particular […]

Read More → How to soothe a sore throat naturally. use a vaporizer or humidifier in your bedroom. gargle with warm salt water a quarter teaspoon salt in an 8-ounce glass of water several times a day. increase your fluid intake. drink tea or even plain hot water with honey. mix honey and lemon juice together and […]

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