Dragonfly is one type of insect that has an imperfect metamorphosis. The shape of our origami dragonfly this time is made using a square piece of paper and scissors to cut its wings. Don’t be fooled by the final result, making it actually easy, for everyone. Dragonflies are small insects that prey fiercely […]

Read More → You can make paper koi with colorful paper, the more the better and the merrier. Make paper Koi as much as possible with a combination of red, orange, yellow, blue, black, brown. Get to know more about Koi fish. Koi fish is one of the fish in Feng Shui that symbolizes good luck. […]

Read More → Have you ever watched the Naruto or another Ninja series? Yeah, they use Shuriken as their weapon. In this video, we will learn how to make Paper Ninja Star. You will only need 2 pcs square paper to make Paper Ninja Star. Make 2 same patterns, assembly, and done. It’s as simple as […]

Read More → Japan is known for its culture of modesty, elegance, and high standards of ethics and behavior. One of them can be seen in the way of sitting formally called Seiza (正 座). Seiza represents two important values in Japanese culture, namely politeness, and apology. Seiza sitting position, requires a person to put his […]

Read More → This origami flapping bird represents another version of the crane. This origami flapping bird flies by applying aerodynamic principles. This origami flapping bird poked its head forward and pushed its legs back. He uses this hovering technique to save energy. Smart bird huh! Origami Flapping Bird designed by Randlett. It has different folding like […]

Read More → Some places on earth have 4 seasons.  They are summer, fall, winter, and spring. Each season has different characteristics, and each has its own characteristics and beauty. In spring the flowers bloom beautifully. Autumn also has its charm, with the many autumn leaves that decorate the city and park. Origami autumn leaf in this […]

Read More → This origami boat taught to me since my childhood, and I still remember when my pre-school teacher teaches me about this origami Boat. This Origami boat uses rectangular paper. This origami is classified as “evergreen origami”, so if you don’t know about Origami at least you can make this one :).

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