Add a Search Box To Any WordPress Theme Menu

Add a Search Box To Any WordPress Theme Menu

Divi – Add a Search Box to the Divi Theme Menu. Here’s a short video tutorial about how to add a search box to the Divi menu, works for both primary and secondary menu. This will also work for any wordpress theme. We do it by using plain HTML rather than using PHP. This means that you don’t have to create a child theme or edit your functions.php file

More tech tips here:

Download the code used in this video PDF here:

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WordPress – Local install & Online Migration with WordPress

Wordpress LocalServer


WordPress – Build WordPress sites on your home computer with Xampp, then learn to migrate your site to an online server. In this course you will learn how to download and install the Xampp software needed to build WordPress websites offline on your home (localhost) computer. Once you have built a WordPress site you will learn how to download and install a WordPress plugin that will enable you to compress the local site, and then migrate it to an online hosting server. Occasionally with the plugin method you may run into WordPress migration problems with some host providers. This course will teach you a second method to migrate your WordPress site manually without using a plugin. This second method is a little more complex as it involves exporting and importing your databases, but it is a fail safe method that should work with all WordPress sites and hosting providers.

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