Native American quilts have set the stage for the great American quilt tradition!

Sioux Indians Star Quilts Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids
The Sioux made stunning star quilts. Star quilts were patchwork quilts. Each piece represented an individual – not any particular individual – just a person. Every piece of the quilt was different. Every piece was needed to a make an entire quilt. To the Sioux, star quilts represented a community of people who must interact to make a whole. Relationship was the thread that held the quilt together. The Sioux were very proud of their beautiful quilts. They used them as blankets and offered them as gifts on unique events.

A Spectacular Collection of Native American Quilts Arts Culture Smithsonian
Another of Almira Buffalo Bone Jackson’s quilts, a variation of the Mariner’s Compass pattern, “Arrows Shooting Into Star” (1968 to 1985) shows Jackson’s passion for color and style. I have the colors there,” discussed quilter Almira Buffalo Bone Jackson (Assiniboine) of her dynamic Star of Bethlehem quilt, entitled “Sunny Spring Day” (1968 -1988). Untitled (1950-1965) unidentified artist This quilt of blue eight-point stars and pink and green four-point stars by Rosaline Long Knife (Assiniboine) is called “My Own Little Stars” (1968-1988).

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