The earliest windows have been simply holes in a wall. Later, windows have been protected with animal hide, material, or wooden. Shutters that might be opened and closed came next. Through the years, home windows were built that both covered the population from the factors and transmitted light, the use of more than one small pieces of translucent cloth (inclusive of flattened portions of translucent animal horn, thin slices of marble, or pieces of glass) set in frameworks of timber, iron or lead.

Within the a long way east, paper turned into used to fill home windows. The romans have been the first regarded to use glass for home windows, a era probable first produced in roman egypt. Particularly, in alexandria ca. A hundred advert solid glass windows, albeit with bad optical homes, started to seem, but those have been small thick productions, little extra than blown glass jars (cylindrical shapes) flattened out into sheets with circular striation patterns throughout. It’d be over a millennium before a window glass became transparent sufficient to look thru surely, as we consider it now.

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