intrinsic motivation examples to start your day off right by listening to intrinsic motivational videos for success. Morning motivational words of encouragement. Like and subscribe for a new video every week! Activate the 🔔beside the subscribe button to get a notification! ✉ If you know someone who could use this video, share it with […]

Read More → ocused, individualised & luxurious We are a private, discreet treatment facility committed to our clients’ well-being and recovery from addiction in stunning Phuket, Thailand. Our very experienced Clinical Team has created a holistic, evidence-based addiction treatment program which will be tailored to the specific, individual needs of each client. Miracles Asia’s skilled and compassionate […]

Read More → Reiki for Space Clearing to Clear Home of Negative Energy, Protection, and Positive Energy Infusion Don’t have time for space clearing on a regular basis? Me neither! That is why I created this powerful space clearing and smudging reiki session. It is perfect to use while you are also using other space clearing techniques […]

Read More → Law of Attraction Technique That Works: Journaling + Energy Healing Session Please enjoy this 2-part law of attraction practice to help you manifest your desires. Get a journal or piece of paper out for the first part (instructions in video) and then simply relax for a powerful Reiki Energy Healing Session. Thank you and […]

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