As a pet dog proprietor, it’s discouraging to walk your pet if he is pulling on the chain. Educating your canine to walk on a loose chain will eliminate leash-pulling during strolls. It is not a best “heel” which maintains your pet purely on your side. Rather, it enables your dog area […]

Read More → Some Key Canine Education and Training Concepts * Assume the role of the alpha, the pack leader, in your relationship. Act like a benevolent leader and you will earn your dog’s respect and trust. Help your dog realize he can respect and trust you. To do this, become knowledgeable about dog behavior […]

Read More → Boot Camp is for those dogs that require a more intensive residential programme away from their home environment in order to learn how to be a dog again and become balanced. Dogs exhibiting dog aggression issues really benefit from this programme as they are integrated with a pack of balanced sociable dogs. Dogs exhibiting […]

Read More → Crate training your dog may take some time and effort, but can be useful in a variety of situations. If you have a new dog or puppy, you can use the crate to limit his access to the house until he learns all the house rules – like what he can and […]

Read More → Siberian Husky Obedience Training Learn obedience training for your Siberian Husky. Hide and Seek can help teach your Siberian Husky puppy the “come” cue. Siberian Husky puppy by Shutterstock You are about to begin Puppy Class 101. Rule No. 1: The puppy must learn that you are now the alpha dog and his new […]

Read More → Even Chihuahuas should be trained. A trained dog is a much safer and happier canine. Around the house you may need your canine to remain while you leave the door open for a moment, to remain of the method while you prepare his dinner, to relax while you groom him, or to come when […]

Read More → A well-behaved dog is a happy dog – and a happy dog makes for a happy owner! There is no quick fix with dog training because consistency and reinforcement is the name of the game. But not every dog owner has enough time for consistent training which can lead to unwanted behaviours such as […]

Read More → HOW TO HANDLE 6 COMMON DOG BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS If you’re a pet moms and dad handling dog habits troubles, take heart– with the proper training methods, many unpleasant behaviors can be broken. From attacking to excavating, we’re covering typical dog habits issues as well as ways to resolve them. Pets, by their very nature, […]

Read More → Toilet training for puppies: fundamental ideas & methods How to bathroom train your pet dog Bathroom training your puppy ought to be quite a simple procedure, as long as you take the time as well as difficulty to get into an excellent routine. At first, you will need to construct your regular around your […]

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